Five games on the slate last night, all played to completion! Let’s take a look:


  • Harrisonburg 3, Charlottesville 1- Rather controversial call in the 8th inning of this one. Turks leading 2-1, Charlottesville have 1st and 2nd, no one out, Logan Amiss at the plate. Amiss drops a bunt, close play at first- throw hits Amiss in the back, bounces away. One run scores, other runner goes to third… but no- home plate umpire calls Amiss out for runner interference, and both runners sent back to their original bases. Charlottesville bench was furious, and ends up getting “warned.” Turks end out getting out of the jam and hanging on to win. (I was there, and sitting close to first base, but I couldn’t tell where Amiss was when the ball hit him. I was just fascinated watching all the interactions. Was it the right call? I have no idea, but the home plate ump surely had a better view of the play than I did!)
  • Woodstock 7, Strasburg 2
  • Winchester 7, Purcellville 6
  • Covington 10, Waynesboro 3
  • New Market 15, Front Royal 2

Hitter of the Day

The hitter of the day is Coivngton’s Brock Edge, from Santa Fe to Florida to North Florida. Edge went 3-5 last night, with two runs scored, two doubles, a home run, and four RBIs against Waynesboro. Three extra base hits is tough to top, obviously. Interestingly, this was Edge’s first game back in the Valley in 2021, but he also played a season here in 2019 for Charlottesville.

Others of Note

  • Michael Rosario, Harrisonburg: 2-4, run, RBI, home run, double
  • Bryce Safferwich, Harrisonburg: 3-4, RBI, stolen base
  • Carson Ford, Woodstock: 2-5, run, RBI, home run, stolen base
  • Jacob Williams, Woodstock: 2-4, two runs, RBI, HBP
  • Austin Bulman, Winchester: 1-3, two runs, RBI, walk, double, stolen base
  • Ramses Cordova, Winchester: 2-3, run, RBI, walk, two stolen bases
  • Victor Castillo, Covington: 1-3, two runs, two walks, two stolen bases
  • Kyle Merkle, Covington: 2-4, two runs, two RBIs, walk, home run
  • Wade Cuda, Front Royal: 2-3, RBI, walk
  • Kyle Jackson, New Market: 3-5, two runs, double, HBP, two stolen bases
  • Tyler Robertson, New Market: 1-3, two runs, two RBIs, two walks, SF, two stolen bases
  • James Bell, New Market: 3-5, two runs, three RBIs, walk
  • Paul Winland, New Market: 3-3, three runs, three walks, double- six times on base, and second place for HOD!

Pitcher of the Day

Our pitcher of the day is Harrisonburg’s Andres Rodriguez, from Florida Tech. Rodriguez threw five shutout innings against Charlottesville while allowing only two hits, no walks, and striking out five. He earned the win and a game score of 68. He’s now 1-1, 0.00 this summer, with 11 K’s in eight innings.

Others of Note

  • Trace Bright, Charlottesville: Four innings, three hits, one run, one walk, five K’s, loss (GS: 56)
  • Logan McClure, Harrisonburg: Three shutout innings, one hit, one walk, two K’s, save
  • Chase Centala, Charlottesville: He struck out four batters in the 8th inning last night- the first time I’ve ever seen that happen in person. My wife and I were shamelessly rooting for it.
  • Anthony Arguelles, Woodstock: Six innings, five hits, two runs, one earned, two walks, seven K’s, win (GS: 61)
  • Gregory Martinez, New Market: Seven innings, six hits, one run, no walks, six K’s, win (GS: 67)- obviously a close second place for POD.

Tonight’s Games

  • Winchester at Strasburg 7 PM
  • Woodstock at Front Royal 7 PM
  • Charlottesville at Covington 7 PM
  • Harrisonburg at Staunton 7:30 PM
  • Purcellville at New Market 7:30 PM