Well, what a day. Thunderstorms and cloudbursts that led to delays, offensive outbursts that led to many, many runs scored… and at the same time a 1-0 pitching duel. Welcome to a Sunday of doubleheaders!


  • Charlottesville 6, Strasburg 4 (Gm 1)
  • Staunton 6, New Market 5 (Gm 1)
  • Waynesboro 5, Front Royal 1 (Gm 1)
  • Purcellville 1, Harrisonburg 0 (Gm 1)
  • Covington 18, Winchester 12 (Gm 1- Royals led this one 9-0 after two innings)
  • Staunton 12, New Market 11 (Gm 2- 8 innings- Down two runs with one out to go, Staunton’s Luke Trainer hit a three-run double to win it) (Gm 2)
  • Charlottesville 9, Strasburg 2 (Gm 2)
  • Waynesboro 9, Front Royal 5 (Gm 2)
  • Purcellville 3, Harrisonburg 2 (Gm 2)
  • Winchester 6, Covington 3 (Gm 2)

Hitter(s) of the Day

I very seldom do this, but I’m naming two hitters of the day, because they were both incredible albeit for different reasons. They do have some things in common, though, like both players are from Covington, and their performances were in game one against Winchester.

  • Louisburg College’s Trendon Craig, in his fifth game in the Valley, went a silly 4-6, with two runs, eight RBIs, and two home runs. In fact, he drove in seven runs in one inning with a grand slam and three-run single. The seven RBIs is the most in a game this summer. Craig is now 11-21, with seven runs, nine RBIs, a double, two home runs, and two stolen bases. Wow! He hit a ridiculous .420/.546/.790 in 41 games this spring in school, with 11 doubles, 14 home runs, a 32/22 BB/K ratio, and 28 stolen bases in 34 attempts. (Craig is attending NC State in 2021-22.)
  • Paxton Tomaini, from Chipola, went, almost incredibly, 5-5 in the same game. He scored twice, drove in two runs, and added a double. He raised his season average from .190 to .277 in the span of a couple hours. He hit .303/.403/.454 this spring, with six doubles and four home runs.

Others of Note

  • Chad Fairey, Strasburg: 2-3, two runs, three RBIs, two home runs (on any other day, perhaps a shoo-in for HOD) (Gm 1)
  • Tripp McKinley, Strasburg: 2-3, walk (Gm 1)
  • Wyatt Langford, Charlottesville: 3-4, two runs, RBI, double, home run (another fantastic performance)(Gm 1)
  • James Bell, New Market: 3-3, run, RBI, two doubles (Gm 1)
  • Joseph Holiga, Staunton: 3-4, run, RBI, double (Swinging a super-hot bat at the moment)(Gm 1)
  • Zach Levinson, Waynesboro: 2-3, run, walk, two doubles (Gm 1)
  • Geordon Blanton, Purcellville: 1-2, two walks, stolen base (Gm 1)
  • Nathan Becker, Covington: 3-5, three runs, four RBIs, home run (Gm 1)
  • Christian Hall, Covington: 2-4, run, two walks (Gm 1)
  • Will Long, Winchester: 1-3, three runs, RBI, walk, double (Gm 1)
  • Cameran Brantley, Winchester: 2-3, two runs, two RBIs, walk (Gm 1)
  • Jacob Starling, New Market: 2-3, three runs, RBI, two walks, home run (Gm 2)
  • Kyle Jackson, New Market: 2-4, two runs, walk (Gm 2)
  • Luke Trainer, Staunton: 2-4, three RBIs, walk, double (Gm 2)
  • Cole Ragone, Staunton: 4-4, three runs, RBI, home run, three stolen bases- Say it with me, now- “On any other day…” (Gm 2)
  • Gabe Jennings, Staunton: 2-3, three runs, three RBIs, walk, double, home run (Gm 2)
  • Gehrig Ebel, Charlottesville: 2-4, two runs, two RBIs, two doubles, stolen base (Gm 2)
  • Wyatt Langford, Charlottesville: 2-3, two runs, walk (Gm 2)
  • Alejandro Figueredo, Waynesboro: 2-3, run, two RBIs, walk, double (Gm 2)
  • Aidan Huggins, Waynesboro: 2-2, run, two walks, two doubles (Gm 2)
  • Nate Furman, Winchester: 1-2, walk, two stolen bases, grand slam (Gm 2)

Pitcher of the Day

In a very close call, the pitcher of the day is Purcellville’s Joe Vogatsky, who earned a game score of 75 by throwing six shutout innings in game one against the Turks. He allowed three hits, one walk, and struck out 10. A sophomore at JMU, Vogatsky is now 2-0, 2.77 this summer in 22 2/3 innings, while allowing 18 hits and seven walks and striking out 27.

Others of Note

  • Ryan McCarty, Staunton: 6 innings, eight hits, two runs, one earned, one walk, three K’s (Game score: 52) (Gm 1)
  • Wyatt Hudepohl, Waynesboro: Three innings, no hits, no runs, two walks, two K’s (Gm 1)
  • Peyton Millirons, Waynesboro: Four innings, four hits, one run, no walks, six K’s, win (Gm 1)
  • Cameron Barrier, Front Royal: Two innings, one hit, no runs, no walks, two K’s (Gm 1)
  • Will Mercer, Harrisonburg: Three innings, three hits, no runs, no walks, six K’s (Gm 1)
  • Dillon Janac, Charlottesville: Five innings, no hits, no runs, four walks, 10 K’s, win (GS: 73) (Gm 2)- a very, very close second for POD.
  • Nick Hyde, Waynesboro: 2 1/3 innings, two hits, no runs, no walks, five K’s, save (Gm 2)
  • John Lumpinski, Purcellville: Four innings, one hit, no runs, four walks, five K’s, win (GS: 61) (Gm 2)
  • Kenneth Quijano, Winchester: 5 1/3 innings, four hits, two runs, one earned, two walks, 5 K’s, win (GS: 57) (Gm 2)
  • Cade Hodges, Covington: Two innings, no hits, no runs, one walk, three K’s (Gm 2)
  • Brett Whiteman, Harrisonburg: Four innings, four hits, no runs, no walks, 5 K’s (Gm 2)

Tonight’s Games

  • Front Royal at Strasburg 7 PM
  • New Market at Winchester 7 PM
  • Woodstock at Purcellville 7 PM
  • Waynesboro at Harrisonburg 7:30 PM