The major league draft covering rounds two through ten was held today (with 11-20 coming tomorrow), and a total of ten former Valley Leaguers were chosen.

Let’s take a look:

RoundOverall PickNamePositionCollegeML TeamVBL Team
241Connor Norby2BEast CarolinaBalitmoreWaynesboro 19
5140Evan JusticeLHPNC StateColoradoCharlottesville 18
6177Carlos RodriguezRHPFlorida SouthwesternMilwaukeeCharlottesville 21
7205Christian McGowanRHPEastern Oklahoma StatePhiladelphiaStrasburg 19
8242Hunter GregoryRHPOld DominionTorontoCharlottesville 18
9264Spencer PackardOFCampbellSeattleFront Royal 18
9281Alex AyalaRHPFlorida SouthwesternTampa BayCharlottesville 21
9282Lael LockhartLHPArkansasLos Angeles DWoodstock 19
10284CJ WidgerLHPRowanTexasStaunton 21
10297Wes ClarkeCSouth CarolinaMilwaukeeWaynesboro 19

Quick Notes

  • Most years, the VBL averages one pick per round over the entire draft, so the league is right on pace after 10 rounds.
  • Connor Norby was rumored to have the potential to slip into the first round, but he went 41st overall to Baltimore. Close, but not in the first round. He is, however, the league’s highest draft pick since Nate Pearson was picked 28th in 2017.
  • Charlottesville is crushing the rest of the league so far with four picks, a cool 40% of the total. Waynesboro is second with two, and Strasburg, Front Royal, Woodstock, and Staunton all have one. Covington, Winchester, Purcellville, New Market, and Harrisonburg will have to wait until tomorrow.
  • Interesting that seven of the ten picks are pitchers. IN the last full draft, in 2019, 22 pitchers were picked out of 49 total- less than half.
  • Tomorrow should be interesting. I would expect the following players to be drafted at some point- New Market’s Oraj Anu, Winchester’s Jonny Butler, Charlottesville’s Sam Crawford and Kyle Battle, and a handful of 2021 guys. Let’s see if I’m right!