One of the offseason series I work through is the Valley League record book, updated with the recently completed season. It’s a fun, easy way to see who some of the standouts were in 2021, and compare them to the last quarter century of history.

So we will begin with the most visible category: batting average. There are two new entries on this one- and by the way, I’ve decided that because these lists hold so much Valley League history, I will not remove players from the bottom; therefore, the lists will expand over time.

Batting Average(1994-2021)
1Michael WielanskyCharlottesville20170.428
2Brad ZebedisStrasburg20110.420
3Julian RidingsWaynesboro20120.419
Nate FurmanWinchester20210.419
5Luke GreinkeWinchester20070.417
6Gunnar McNeillStaunton20140.414
7Logan AmissCovington20190.410
Caleb WardWoodstock20190.410
9Thomas FranciscoCharlottesville20190.409
10Shane BillingsHarrisonburg20150.406
Andrew EysterNew Market20180.406
Aidan NagleWoodstock20190.406
13Jordan TarsovichStrasburg20130.405
14Dominic CanzoneFront Royal20170.404
15Cory SpangenbergWinchester20100.399
Ryan GalanieStrasburg20210.399
17Joe KempHarrisonburg20040.396
Blake SipeStaunton20120.396
19Chase CheekWaynesboro20180.394
20Jeff Van HoutenHarrisonburg20030.391
21Max WoodStaunton20170.389
22Nate RewersFront Royal19980.388
Mike GarzaWoodstock20100.388


  • These numbers come from the regular season and the playoffs combined. They do not include the All-Star game (Furman and Galanie both had good games) or, I regret to say, forfeited games. Ugh.
  • So we have two 2021 players join this list- Furman tied for third and Galanie tied for 15th.
  • Strasburg, Winchester, Staunton, Woodstock, and Harrisonburg all have three on the list; Charlottesville, Waynesboro, and Front Royal have two; Covington and New Market have one. Purcellville hasn’t had one get there yet.
  • There is one major leaguer listed here- Cory Spangenberg. Many of these guys have played in the minors, though: Wielansky, Ridings, Greinke, Francisco (just drafted), Billings, Tarsovich, Canzone, Kemp, Van Houten, and Garza.
  • Next up is on-base percentage!