Well, this list blows my mind. Absolutely smashing the previous highest on-base percentage, set by Nick Sinay seven years ago (fueled by hit-by-pitches at the rate the league hasn’t seen before or since), we have Nate Furman! Furman got on base 57% of the time this past summer- wow!

On-Base Percentage
1Nate FurmanWinchester20210.570
2Nick SinayFront Royal20140.534
3Caleb WardWoodstock20190.530
4Jordan TarsovichStrasburg20130.522
5Cole GruberWaynesboro20140.518
6Luke GreinkeWinchester20070.517
7Ryan SullivanCovington20120.516
Blake SipeStaunton20120.516
9Niko AmoryFront Royal20210.509
10Mike SchwartzHarrisonburg20090.508
11Mike MarcinkoWaynesboro20140.502
12Tyler TownsendWinchester20080.500
13Jason KipnisCovington20070.498
14Tommy OravetzCovington20060.497
15Aidan NagleWoodstock20190.495
Ryan GalanieStrasburg20210.495
17Spencer PackardFront Royal20180.494
18Brad ZebedisStrasburg20110.490
19David StoneStaunton20010.484
20Jay GonzalezHarrisonburg20110.483
Gunnar McNeillStaunton20140.483
22Andrew EysterNew Market20180.482
Wes ClarkeWaynesboro20190.482


  • Three men joined this list from 2021- Furman, Niko Amory, and Ryan Galanie
  • Even though this list includes info all the way back to 1994, the “oldest” player on this list is David Stone, at #19 for his 2001 stats. Interesting.
  • Jason Kipnis is the only major leaguer on the list, but many have played in the minors, and several still have the chance to do so.
  • Next up is slugging percentage…