Every once in a while, right? Even a blind squirrel finds a nut? A broken clock is still right twice a day?

Well, literally one day after I posted this comment about Romy Gonzalez (Staunton 2016): “Don’t be at all surprised, faithful reader, if he gets called up very, very soon!” He was, indeed, called up.

He sat the bench for one game (Wednesday), and the White Sox were off Thursday, but finally, last night he made his major league debut! He pinch hit for Cesar Hernandez, and stayed in the game to play third base. He didn’t get a hit in his two at-bats, but that first hit will come soon I’m sure (tomorrow?).

By my count, he is the 24th Valley League alumni to play in the major leagues this season, and the 232nd in all of Valley League history.

Congratulations, Romy!

Gonzalez at Miami