One of the breakout minor league prospects this summer has been none other than Romy Gonzalez, former Miami Hurricane and Staunton (2016) infielder.

Gonzalez was drafted in the 18th round in 2018 by the Chicago White Sox, and started his career in the Pioneer League in ’18, wher ehe hit .254/.323/.498 in 201 at-bats, with 10 home runs and 10 stolen bases. In 2019, he played for Kannapolis in the South Atlantic League, where he batted .244/.329/.364 in 352 at-bats, with four home runs and 11 stolen bases. The 2020 season, of course, was washed out.

When 2021 rolled around, Gonzalez showed he was a different hitter. Starting at Double-A Birmingham, in 303 at-bats Gonzalez hit .267/.355/.502, ripped 20 home runs, and stole 21, putting him in just a handful of 20-20 players in the entire minor leagues (and the first in Birmingham since Aaron Rowand in 2000).

On August 20, he was called up to Triple-A Charlotte, and he’s gone 10-28 in eight games there so far, to the tune of a .357/.400/.821 (!) slashline (through Sunday), adding three more home runs and one more stolen base.

The White Sox have all but wrapped up the American League Central, and the scuttlebutt on the street (hah) is that Gonzalez has a serious shot at the second base job in the majors. Don’t be at all surprised, faithful reader, if he gets called up very, very soon!

(By the way, Gonzalez hit .234/.253/.442 in 77 at-bats for Staunton in 2016, with four home runs and two stolen bases.)