This one, even if you were paying attention, was a bit of a surprise.

I’m as guilty as anyone in “pigeonholing” prospects. Shoot, just a couple years ago, Ryan Martin’s son asked me if Tyler Payne (Strasburg 2013-14) would ever make the major leagues. I said no- he didn’t hit enough. (Guess who made his major league debut in 2021?)

Romy Gonzalez came into the 2021 minor league season with a .245 career batting average. After being drafted in 2018, he had hit 14 home runs in roughly 550 pro at-bats. If you had asked me what his chances were… well, that’s answered above.

Gonzalez opened his 2021 season at Double-A Birmingham, which might have seemed aggressive after he hit .244/.329/.364 in Low-A in 2019. Even with a year’s worth of rust, Gonzalez started hitting, and just never stopped. At Birmingham, he hit .267/.355/.502 in 303 at-bats, with 11 doubles, 20 home runs, a 38/97 BB/K, and even 21 stolen bases.

He was promoted to Triple-A Charlotte at the end of August, and went 20-54, with six doubles and four more home runs. He slashed .370/.417/.704! So the White Sox called him up, and he made his major league debut on September 3. He went 8-32 in 10 games. He wasn’t included on Chicago’s postseason roster, but he’s hit enough to quite possibly carve out a role in the major leagues.

Well, has named Gonzalez the White Sox’s All-Star at shortstop. I don’t know if he gets a plaque or anything, but it’s more vindication that he’s turned his career in the right direction.

Oh, by the way, Gonzalez played for Staunton in 2016. He hit .234/.253/.442 in 77 at-bats that summer, along with four home runs.