Next up in our series of top professional players with roots in the Valley League is the top hitter in Low-A. As discussed in the Low-A Pitcher of the Year post, with the restructuring of the minor leagues, this is the “inaugural” award for this category.

So, the best season by a hitter in Low-A East, Low-A West, and Low-A Southeast is former Purcellville Cannon Luke Berryhill (2018)!

Berryhill, drafted in 2019 by the Reds, was traded to the Houston Astros in January of 2021, and played at three different minor league levels in ’21. He is being honored for his output in Low-A Fayetteville, where he hit .305/.429/.636 in 118 at-bats, with 24 runs scored, 32 RBIs, nine doubles, ten home runs, and 20 walks against 37 strikeouts. He also appeared in 29 games in High-A and nine games in Double-A. He appears to have a bright future!

Berryhill played in only ten games for the Cannons in ’18, but he hit four home runs and drove in 18 runs in his short time in the league.

Others to Consider

  • Bryson Horne (Strasburg 2019): Augusta: .269/.322/.409 in 350 at-bats, with 40 runs, 17 doubles, ten home runs, 48 RBIs, and 28/91 BB/K
  • JD Mundy (Covington 2018): Delmarva: .324/.461/.577 in 71 at-bats, with six doubles, four home runs, 20 RBIs, and 17/13 BB/K
  • Thomas Francisco (Charlottesville 2019): Palm Beach: .333/.415/.494 in 81 at-bats, with seven doubles, two home runs, 11 RBIs, and 8/16 BB/K
  • Bennett Hostetler (Covington 2018): Jupiter: .337/.369/.481 in 104 at-bats, with 17 runs, six doubles, three home runs, 25 RBIs, and 4/32 BB/K
  • Connor Norby (Waynesboro 2019): Delmarva: .283/.413/.434 in 99 at-bats, with 17 runs, four doubles, three home runs, 17 RBIs, five stolen bases, and 21/28 BB/K
Berryhill at Fayetteville