Five games were played on this delightful evening…


  • Covington 3, Charlottesville 0: A combined shutout from three Lumberjack pitchers, with the lion’s share turned in by Andrew Standen. Victor Rodriguez and Michael Piulats hit solo home runs. Jacks are 2-0; Charlottesville falls to 0-3 (one box still missing- we’re still working on it!).
  • Woodstock 7, Strasburg 1: The Bandits got a strong start from Isaac Wengert and two bombs from Tomas Sanchez to wallop the Express. Woodstock is 1-2; Strasburg falls to 2-1.
  • New Market 4, Front Royal 2: Two pitches after a wild pitch scored the team’s first run in the fifth inning, New Market’s Bryce Fowler doubled in two more to give his team all it needed. New Market got a stellar middle relief appearance out of Blayne Deaton to raise its record to 3-0; Front Royal is 1-2. (Odd note: Cristian Sanchez struck out four in the ninth inning thanks to a dropped third strike!)
  • Winchester 4, Purcellville 1: Matthew Rivera hit a solo go-ahead home run in the sixth, but the big story in this game is the combined 18 strikeouts turned in by the Royals pitchers- against only one walk. Both teams are now 1-2.
  • Waynesboro 10, Harrisonburg 9: In an astonishing ending, Waynesboro’s Garrett Bogarts, just one day after hitting a go-ahead home run, slammed a walk-off grand slam with two outs in the bottom of the ninth to steal this one from the Turks. (POINTSTREAK FIZZED OUT AT THE END, TOO, SO THIS GAME IS NOT UPLOADED. Hang with us, folks, we’re doing our best- but neither of the Turks’ games have been finalized yet!) Waynesboro is 2-1; Harrisonburg is 1-1.

Hitter of the Day

Our hitter of the day is Woodstock’s Tomas Sanchez, from Texas Wesleyan! Sanchez went 3-4 last night, with two runs scored, four RBIs, and two home runs- the league’s second multi-home run game so far this summer. Sanchez is 5-13 so far, with at least one hit in all three games.

Others of Note

  • Satchell Norman, Charlottesville: 2-3, walk
  • Jalen Buster, Woodstock: 1-2, RBI, two walks, stolen base
  • Ryan McCarthy, New Market: 2-3, walk, stolen base
  • Matthew Rivera, Winchester: 3-5, two runs, RBI, home run
  • Torreon Young, Winchester: 1-2, two walks
  • Seaver King, Harrisonburg: Two doubles
  • Mitchell Farris, Harrisonburg: 3-4, triple
  • Jaylon Lee, Harrisonburg: 2-5, three runs, four RBIs, home run
  • Blake Butcher, Harrisonburg: 3-5, RBI
  • Garrett Bogarts, Waynesboro: Walk-off grand slam!

Pitcher of the Day

The best pitcher’s performance last night is pretty clearly Winchester’s Jake Cohen (Pensacola State), who fired seven outstanding innings against Purcellville, while allowing only three hits, one run, no walks, and striking out a whopping 13. He got the win, and ended up with a game score of 80- the highest of the summer so far.

Others of Note

  • Jackson Nove, Charlottesville: 2 1/3 innings, one hit, no runs, no walks, four K’s
  • Andrew Standen, Covington: 4 2/3 shutout innings, two hits, no walks, five K’s, win
  • Isaac Wengert, Woodstock: Six innings, six hits, one unearned run, one walk, five K’s, win (Game score: 62)
  • Dario Herrera, Woodstock: Two shutout innings, one hit, one walk, three K’s
  • Daniel Ouderkirk, Strasburg: Four innings, three hits, one run, one walk, six K’s (GS: 57)
  • Zeus Ponder, Strasburg: Three innings, two hits, one unearned run, one walk, two K’s
  • Blayne Deaton, New Market: Four no-hit, shutout innings, one walk, five K’s (GS: 66)
  • Kevin Warunek, Front Royal: Four shutout innings, two hits, two walks, four K’s (GS: 60)
  • Agyei Quinichett, Purcellville: Five innings, one hit, one run, four walks, three K’s
  • Andrew Williams, Harrisonburg: Two shutout innings

Tonight’s Games

  • Purcellville (Caple) at Strasburg (Wakeman), 7 PM
  • Front Royal at Woodstock (Hoover), 7 PM
  • New Market at Winchester (Thompson), 7 PM
  • Staunton (Lynch) at Charlottesville (Montiel), 7 PM
  • Covington at Harrisonburg (Farris), 7:30 PM