Four games were played last night:


  • Woodstock 10, Winchester 0 (8 innings): Bandits are 13-7; Royals are 9-11
  • Front Royal 4, Purcellville 1: Cards are 7-14; Cannons are 7-12
  • New Market 8, Strasburg 2: New Market is 11-10, Express fall to 12-8
  • Harrisonburg 9, Staunton 6: Turks are 11-8; Staunton is 7-15. ***Programming note** This game has not been finalized. **Mini-rant here**: Pointstreak is the company that the NACSB uses for roster management and stat keeping. The program is sometimes counter-intuitive, often difficult to use, and errors can pop up with cryptic messages that are hard- no, actually impossible- to understand. I am sure that the people manning their help desk do the best they can, and are probably overwhelmed, but calling for help ALMOST NEVER ACTUALLY HELPS. For example, earlier this season, a VBL team sent a game file in to PS for help. After THREE DAYS of no communication, the scorekeeper for that team just had to figure it out himself. This is par for the course with this company. Players, parents, coaches, fans- everyone wants to see the final stats and see totals for the summer. When games just sit out there, unfinished, with no potential to be fixed by the company that needs to actually help the poor scorekeeper fix the mistake… it hurts all of us. Well, it hurts the company, too. All this to say: stay tuned for when this game might be fixed. **Rant over**

Hitter of the Day

It appears in looking through the gamelive for this one that Jaylon Lee is our hitter of the day. Lee went 3-4, with two runs scored, two RBIs, and a walk to lead the Turks over Staunton. This gives him 13 RBIs on the summer so far. And don’t forget, he finished in the top five in RBIs last summer, and was named North MVP of the All-Star game. After four years at Eastern Mennonite, he’s transferring to JMU this fall.

Others of Note

  • Frankie Ritter, Woodstock: 2-4, three runs, RBI, double, stolen base
  • Renzo Gonzalez, Woodstock: 2-4, run, two RBIs, walk, stolen base
  • Braden Forchic, Woodstock: 2-2, two runs, two walks
  • Trent Jeffcoat, Front Royal: 2-3, two runs, RBI, HBP, two stolen bases
  • Trey Cruz, New Market: 3-4, two runs, two RBIs, stolen base
  • Michael Rosario, Harrisonburg: 2-4, two runs, walk

Pitcher of the Day

Two of them:

  • Kelan Hoover, Woodstock, from Garrett College: Hoover scores his third POD award with six shutout innings, four hits, three walks, five K’s, the win and a game score of 67. He’s a ridiculous 3-0, 0.50 in 17 2/3 innings, with 10 baserunners and 20 K’s.
  • Bryce Fisher, Front Royal, from UNC Asheville: Six innings, four hits, one unearned run, one walk, eight K’s, win and a game score of 67 as well. Fisher is 1-3, 3.52, with 26 K’s in 23 innings this summer.

Others of Note

  • Stephen Pena, Woodstock: Two innings, no hits, no runs, one walk, two K’s
  • Tyler Muscar, Purcellville: 2 2/3 innings, one hit, no runs, one walk, six K’s
  • Shawn Munoz, Front Royal: 2 1/3 innings, no hits, no runs, two walks, two K’s
  • Jett Jackson, New Market: Four innings, one hit, no runs, three walks, six K’s
  • Sammy Cooper, Harrisonburg: 2 2/3 innings, no hits, no runs, no walks, two K’s

Today’s Games

  • Covington (Schneider, Millett) at Purcellville (Evans, Byers), DH, 4 and 7 PM
  • New Market (Walker, Bautista) at Charlottesville (Kirtner, Yesavage), DH, 4 and 6 PM
  • Strasburg (Hartman) at Woodstock (Gordon), 7 PM