Minor League Record Book: Stolen Bases in a Season

Welcome to the Rico Noel show! (Most stolen bases in one minor league season by a VBL alumnus since the 2006 draft)

1 Rico Noel Covington ’08 2012 90
2 Rico Noel Covington ’08 2011 62
3 Rico Noel Covington ’08 2013 59
4 Mike Mitchell Staunton ’06 2008 55
5 John Raynor New Market ’04 2007 54
6 Tyson Auer Luray ’05-06 2010 53
7 John Raynor New Market ’04 2008 48
8 Patrick Norris Harrisonburg ’07 2009 45
9 Tyson Auer Luray ’05-06 2009 43
Tyler Bortnick Front Royal ’06 2011 43
Jay Gonzalez Harrisonburg ’11 2016 43

Rico Noel has run away with this one (hah!). He holds the top three spots, and his 90 more than doubles the players at the bottom of the list. Tyson Auer and John Raynor each have 2 spots, which leaves only Mike Mitchell, Patrick Norris, Tyler Bortnick, and Jay Gonzalez. Gonzalez joined the list the latest- after the 2016 season.

Noel and Raynor are the only major leaguers on the list. Noel, Bortnick and Gonzalez are still active in affiliated ball.

Batting average is the next category- and the last hitting category from the minors!

Rico Noel using those legs
Rico Noel using those legs

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