Power Rankings #1

Staunton Braves logoIt’s that time again, Brilliant Readers- time to rank the Valley League teams from best to, um, less-than-best. In some ways, ranking teams after 5-7 games is silly, but it’s fun, so we do it. Weirdly, the league is split pretty severely along the line of divisions: the North is 16-27 overall, and the South is 22-11.

For each team, I’ll list W-L record, the team slash line (batting average/on-base percentage/slugging percentage), runs scored and runs allowed, team ERA, and then anything else that needs to be written.

Do keep in mind that these rankings are, literally, one guy’s opinion. Don’t take them too seriously.


  1. Staunton Braves: 5-2; 326/401/481; 56-35; 4.79. I’ll give the Braves the top spot this time because their hitting is pretty clearly the best in the league so far. Seth Hartings is 11-23, Eric Conner is 11-25, and Cole Swiger is 12-29.
  2. Harrisonburg Turks: 5-2; 263/377/348; 37-20; 2.66. And the Turks, with the best pitching, get the second spot. The staff has nine pitchers with an ERA of 2.45 or less. Giving up only 20 runs in 7 games means…. many more wins than losses.
  3. Charlottesville Tom Sox: 5-2; 259/386/321; 53-28; 3.33. The defending champs are back to their winning ways. Patrick McColl is 13-24, with 10 runs and 6 RBIs in 7 games. 3rd best team OBP, and 2nd best team ERA. The Sox are an excellent team again.
  4. Front Royal Cardinals: 6-2; 223/357/328; 46-32; 3.49. The Cards already have a 2.5 game lead in the North, with the 3rd best team ERA, and also, like the Turks, have 9 pitchers at an ERA of 2.45 or lower.


  1. Covington Lumberjacks: 4-3; 270/357/396; 38-34; 3.54. The Jacks can hit a little and pitch a little. The staff has 64 K’s in 61 innings, and the offense is led by Tyler Hill, who is 9-20 with 4 runs and 9 RBIs in 6 games.
  2. Purcellville Cannons: 4-5; 277/401/425; 60-57; 4.93. No surprise here; the Cannons have scored the most runs in the league (and have played the most games, too, but still). The pitching has a ways to go.
  3. Waynesboro Generals: 3-2; 267/383/321; 28-28; 4.09. The Generals have a perfectly even RS-RA at 28. They’ve also played the least games so far. Stay tuned.
  4. New Market Rebels: 3-4; 250/365/349; 37-38; 3.92. In only 62 innings, the staff has 75 strikeouts… but also 68 hits. Brent Todys is 7-13, and Kobe Lopez is 10-21.

THE BOTTOM (These could go in any order)

  1. Winchester Royals: 1-5; 195/321/280; 24-43; 5.88. Hitting .195 as a squad won’t win many games, but their team ERA is 2+ runs better than….
  2. Strasburg Express: 1-5; 227/326/327; 27-55; 8.82. An unsightly ERA for sure. In 51 innings, 55 runs, 44 walks, and 44 K’s.
  3. Woodstock River Bandits: 1-6; 221/309/279; 27-63; 8.22. 58 innings, 53 earned runs, 60 walks, 50 K’s.

Obviously, it’s very early, so things could change quickly.



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