A Look at the Standings

It’s probably a little bit too early to look at this, but… I guess I’m going to do it anyway. Just so we’re all on the same page, when the playoffs begin, the first round will be #1 vs #4 and #2 vs #3 within divisions.

Let’s take a look at the standings through last night:

North W L PCT GB
Front Royal 20 9 0.690
Purcellville 17 12 0.586 3
Winchester 14 14 0.500 5.5
New Market 14 15 0.483 6
Strasburg 11 18 0.379 9
Woodstock 4 24 0.143 15.5

If the season ended today, we would have Front Royal vs New Market and Purcellville vs Winchester. Strasburg and Woodstock would be out. In fact, Woodstock has already been eliminated from the league title, as the team has 14 games left. Winchester and New Market are only a half game (a New Market loss) apart, and Strasburg has 3 games to make up to catch the playoff-bound spots.

One more note on Woodstock- the team needs to go 5-9 in those 14 games to equal the worst record in the past 18 years: the Rockbridge Rapids went 9-33 in 2009.

South W L PCT GB
Covington 18 11 0.621
Waynesboro 18 13 0.581 1
Charlottesville 17 13 0.567 1.5
Staunton 14 15 0.483 4
Harrisonburg 14 17 0.452 5

This division could get crazy. Only 5 games seperate the top from the bottom, and only 1 game is between the 5th and 4th place teams. If the season ended today, we would have Covington vs Staunton and Waynesboro vs Charlottesville. The Turks would miss the playoffs for the first time since 2009.

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