One Day Left- Playoff Scenarios

Usually when the last day of the season rolls around, there are a few playoff scenarios. Today, the last day of the season, has 8 games scheduled, so many, many different things could happen. Let me see if I can figure it out…

North W L PCT GB
Purcellville 23 16 0.590
Front Royal 23 17 0.575 0.5
New Market 22 17 0.564 1
Winchester 21 20 0.512 3
Strasburg 17 23 0.425 6.5
Woodstock 5 36 0.122 19
  • Purcellville has 3 games today: New Market twice, and Strasburg, all at home.
  • Front Royal has 2 games: at Woodstock, at New Market
  • New Market has 3 games: at Purcellville twice, Front Royal
  • Winchester has 1 game: at Strasburg
  • Strasburg has 1 game: Winchester
  • Woodstock has 1 game: Front Royal

A tie for first place would mean co-champions. Purcellville, Front Royal, or New Market could still win the division. Winchester could still tie New Market for 3rd if New Market goes 0-3 and Winchester beats Strasburg, BUT New Market holds the tie-breaker, having won the season series, 3-2.

Therefore, with Strasburg and Woodstock eliminated, WINCHESTER IS LOCKED INTO 4TH PLACE. 

If any of the top three teams tie:

Front Royal holds the tie-breaker over New Market (3-1 with one game left in the season series).

New Market is up 2-1 over Purcellville in their season series, with 2 games left.

Purcellville holds the tie-breaker over Front Royal (won series 4-1).

My head hurts.

South W L PCT GB
Covington 26 16 0.619
Charlottesville 24 17 0.585 1.5
Waynesboro 23 18 0.561 2.5
Staunton 20 21 0.488 5.5
Harrisonburg 19 22 0.463 6.5
  • Covington is finished and CLINCHED THE DIVISION TITLE.
  • Charlottesville plays at Harrisonburg, but even if Waynesboro wins and the Tom Sox lose, the Tom Sox hold the tie-breaker, 4-2. Therefore, CHARLOTTESVILLE FINISHES 2ND.
  • Waynesboro has one game left- at Staunton. Waynesboro can not finish ahead of the Tom Sox, and can not be caught by Staunton or Harrisonburg, therefore, WAYNESBORO FINISHES 3RD.
  • Staunton plays Waynesboro, and controls their own destiny. A win, and the Braves finish 4th. A loss coupled with a Turk loss, still equals 4th place. A loss plus a Turk win equals a tie, and the teams split the season series, 3-3. The next tie-breaker is record against the 1st place team (Covington). The Turks are 4-2 vs the Jacks, while the Braves are 2-4, so if the Braves and Turks tie, the Turks will win 4th place.
  • Harrisonburg plays Charlottesville, the last game of the day. See above. (The Turks will know early on in this one whether they have something to play for or not!)

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