All Things Valley League is pleased to announce that the 2015 Valley League Annual will be available to order in PDF form later this week!

A project months (years, really) in the making, the Annual is 155 pages long and over 50,000 words…. and as you might imagine, is chock full of information from the 2015 season in the Valley.

The book covers everything you could want to know about that summer, including:

  • The results of every game during the season, with the best hitters and pitchers from each day
  • Game stories from the playoffs
  • Top hitters, starting pitchers, and relief pitchers
  • Park factors
  • Major League Draft results
  • Pro players from each VBL team, with career highlights
  • If a player appeared in a game that summer, his name appears in this compilation

And much, much more!

Stay tuned for PayPal ordering instructions in this space, beginning Friday morning!

PDF Cover