For the third straight year, the Valley League will send an All-Star team to North Carolina to compete in the Prospect Showcase, joining four other summer leagues in a prospect extravaganza.

Held in Cary, North Carolina at the USA Baseball National Training Complex, the Showcase will feature players from the Southern, Cal Ripken, Florida, Sunbelt, and, of course, the Valley League next Monday and Tuesday, July 15 and 16.

The Valley League is scheduled to play the Southern League at 4 p.m. on Monday, and the Florida League at 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday. A bio capture, athletic assessment, and vision screen will be made available to team members during off times.

The Valley League has historically done well at the Showcase; the VBL has not lost (but tied once) in the first two years of the mini-tournament.

The roster of men from the Valley who are participating:

Escala, William SS Woodstock
Lopez, Kobe SS Waynesboro
Torres, Christian 3B Covington
Tate, Jackson OF Waynesboro
Kasiski, Andrew UT Purcellville
Madole, Josh 1B Harrisonburg
Francisco, Thomas 3B Charlottesville
Bryant, Jed OF Harrisonburg
Nagle, Aidan OF Woodstock
Clarke, Wes C Waynesboro
Boselli, Domenic OF Covington
Prososki, Masen 2B Winchester
Hemenway, Devin P Charlottesville
Sprake, Joseph P Charlottesville
Showalter, Justin P Staunton
Anderson, Michael P Winchester
Hoppe, Alex P Harrisonburg
Bayless, Tristen P Woodstock
Edwards, Christian P Waynesboro
McNamee, Cole P Harrisonburg
Brian, Will P Harrisonburg
Ellington, Eli P Harrisonburg
Czech, Andrew 1B Staunton
Dicharia, Sonny 1B Strasburg
Toney, Nick C Strasburg

The coaching staff will include head coach Bob Wease (Harisonburg), and assistant coaches Alex Kotheimer (Covington), Connor Kaden (Charlottesville), and Marcus Rodriguez (Harrisonburg).

Regular season games will still be held in the Valley during the two days the Showcase team is gone.

Prospect Showcase - Valley