Let’s take a look at the updated playoff chase! (The league has extended the regular season one extra day- through Friday.) *= a playoff spot has been clinched

North W L Pct. GB
1 Strasburg* 23 13 0.639
2 Woodstock* 22 16 0.579 2
3 New Market 17 21 0.447 7
4 Winchester 17 22 0.436 7.5
5 Purcellville 14 22 0.389 9
6 Front Royal 13 26 0.333 11.5
  1. Strasburg has clinched a top-two playoff spot. The squad has six games to play: Waynesboro, @Charlottesville, New Market, @Staunton, Front Royal, @Winchester.
  2. Woodstock has also clinched a top-two seed. Four games left: @New Market, Winchester, @New Market, @Front Royal. Only one win behind the Express, but three losses back.
  3. New Market is now a half game ahead of Winchester, and is five games back of #2 Woodstock. Five games left: Woodstock, @Strasburg, Woodstock, @Purcellville.
  4. Winchester fell a half game behind New Market after the Royals lost last night. Three games left: @Woodstock, @Purcellville, Strasburg. Still 1.5 games ahead of Purcellville.
  5. Purcellville can still catch the 3rd seed. Six games left: Staunton, @Covington, @Front Royal, Winchester, New Market (and a makeup with Staunton yet).
  6. Front Royal was eliminated from playoff contention last night. The team has three games left: Purcellville, @Strasburg, Woodstock.
South W L Pct. GB
1 Waynesboro* 26 11 0.703
2 Charlottesville* 24 14 0.632 2.5
3 Covington 18 20 0.474 8.5
4 Staunton 17 19 0.472 8.5
5 Harrisonburg 16 23 0.410 11
  1. Waynesboro lost a half-game to the Tom Sox last night, but still leads by 2.5 with five games to play (Gens have a top two spot clinched): @Strasburg, @Covington, Charlottesville, @Harrisonburg, @Staunton.
  2. Charlottesville has clinched a top two seed. Four games left: Strasburg, @Waynesboro, @Covington, @Harrisonburg.
  3. Covington is in third place only by percentage points. Four games left: Purcellville and Waynesboro on the same day (today), @Staunton, Charlottesville.
  4. Staunton is still 2.5 games ahead of the Turks with six games remaining: @Purcellville, Harrisonburg, Covington, Strasburg, Waynesboro (@Purcellville makeup, too). If the Braves win three of their remaining six, they would finish ahead of the Turks.
  5. Harrisonburg is 2.5 back of the last spot with three to play: @Staunton, Waynesboro, Charlottesville. One Turk loss means they can’t catch Covington, but Staunton would still be within reach. The game in Staunton tonight is crucial; if the Turks win, they would pull to 1.5 games behind the Braves (all in the loss column). A Turks loss means the best they could do is tie the Braves.

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