Wins is another stat that has changed in a huge way in the past few years. Wins used to be an important way to evaluate pitchers, but now, most baseball people discard the stat as pretty meaningless.

But, as long as we continue to use the stat, I’ll keep the league (and minor and major leagues) record book updated.

The Valley League 2004-2019 record book for pitcher wins:

1 Dustin Umberger Luray 2007 9
2 Clarence Nicely Covington 2005 7
Robert Gilliam Luray 2007 7
Jon Dages Waynesboro 2007 7
Andy Altemus Waynesboro 2008 7
Taylor Sandefur Waynesboro 2010 7
Matt Benedict Haymarket 2010 7
Greg Welsh Winchester 2011 7
Jonathan Armold Front Royal 2011 7
Dillon Ortman Harrisonburg 2012 7
Thomas Sutera Purcellville 2017 7
Chase Best Covington 2018 7

Covington’s Grant Vurpillat led the 2019 season with five.

Major Leaguers: None
Current Minor Leaguers: Thomas Sutera
Previous Minor Leaguers: Dustin Umberger, Robert Gilliam, Andy Altemus, Matt Benedict, Jonathan Armold, Dillon Ortman
No Minor Leagues: Clarence Nicely, Jon Dages, Taylor Sandefur, Greg Welsh
Still in College: Chase Best

Waynesboro has three, and Luray and Covington have two each. Haymarket, Winchester, Front Royal, Harrisonburg, and Purcellville all have one, while Strasburg, Charlottesville, New Market, Woodstock, and Staunton are all still waiting.