Every year in the VBL is its own organism. Who will emerge as the top players? What teams will do better than the others? And, of course, will it be a hitter’s or pitcher’s league? Given the scores from last night, we might have our answer on the last question!


  • Strasburg 22, Woodstock 6
  • Purcellville 7, New Market 2
  • Charlottesville 8, Harrisonburg 4
  • Waynesboro 13, Staunton 8
  • Front Royal 16, Winchester 14

Hitter of the Day

The hitter of the day, as should be no surprise, comes from Strasburg’s 22-run outburst. It’s Tripp McKinlay, from St. John’s River State, who went 4-5, with three runs scored, a double, two home runs, and five RBIs. McKinlay is now hitting .357/.435/.554 in 56 at-bats this summer, with five doubles, two home runs, 11 RBIs, and eight stolen bases.

Others of Note

  • Aidan Nagle, Woodstock: 3-5, two runs, two RBIs, home run, stolen base
  • Brayton Brown, Strasburg: 4-7, run, two RBIs
  • Ryan Galanie, Strasburg: 3-5, four runs, three RBIs, walk, home run
  • Eric Toth, Strasburg: 4-5, two runs, four RBIs, walk, two home runs
  • Geordon Blanton, Purcellville: 1-3, three runs, RBI, walk, HBP, home run, two stolen bases
  • Jared Glinski, Purcellville: 3-5, two runs, two RBIs, double
  • Soterio Ramirez, Purcellville: 3-5, RBI, double
  • Tyler Robertson, New Market: 3-4
  • Cal Stark, Charlottesville: 1-2, two runs, RBI, walk, HBP, home run
  • Zach Levenson, Waynesboro: 2-5, three runs, HBP
  • Connor Cino, Waynesboro: 2-5, run, three RBIs, walk, double
  • Kyle Murphy, Waynesboro: 2-3, two runs, four RBIs, home run
  • Gabe Jennings, Staunton: 2-4, two runs, two RBIs, double, home run
  • Nate Furman, Winchester: 4-6, two runs, RBI, walk, double, two stolen bases
  • Will Long, Winchester: 2-3, run, three RBIs, two walks, two doubles
  • Cameran Brantley, Winchester: 3-5, two runs, double, HBP
  • Tyler Cotten, Winchester: 3-5, four RBIs, double
  • Austin Turner, Winchester: 3-4, three runs, RBI, two walks, three stolen bases
  • Trent Jeffcoat, Front Royal: 4-5, four runs, two RBIs, two doubles, HBP, stolen base
  • Samuel Tackett, Front Royal: 2-3, two runs, three RBIs, two walks, double
  • Jack Krause, Front Royal: 4-6, two runs, RBI, double, stolen base
  • Ben Brantley, Front Royal: 2-4, two runs, six RBIs, double, grand slam

Pitcher of the Day

The pitcher from last night with the best line is Strasburg’s Trevor Sharp, from West Virginia, who threw four shutout innings in relief against Woodstock. He allowed three hits, no walks, and struck out eight to earn the win. He is now 3-1, 3.85, with only one walk and 16 strikeouts in 21 innings pitched.

Others of Note

This list is much, much shorter than the hitting list….

  • Brooks Byers, Purcellville: Six innings, five hits, two runs, one earned, two walks, three K’s, win (Game score: 57)
  • Christian Worley, Charlottesville: Three innings, two hits, one run, no walks, four K’s
  • Will Morrison, Charlottesville: Two innings, one hit, one unearned run, no walks, three K’s
  • Michael Rosario, Harrisonburg: Two innings, one hit, no runs, one walk, three K’s
  • Seth Logue, Waynesboro: Three innings, one hit, one run, no walks, three K’s
  • Josh Emerson, Staunton: Three innings, three hits, no runs, one walk, no K’s
  • Bubba Weigel, Front Royal: Two innings, one hit, no runs, one walk, two K’s, win

Tonight’s Games

  • Purcellville at Woodstock 7 PM
  • Staunton at Covington 7 PM
  • Harrisonburg at Charlottesville 7 PM