Let’s take a quick snapshot of the offenses in this league, shall we? I’ll be leaning heavily on slashlines (batting average/on-base percentage/slugging percentage), runs per game, and plate control (BB/K ratios).

Stats are through Tuesday, June 29!

  1. Strasburg Express- The Express are scoring 7.64 runs per game, with a slashline of .260/.402/.430. The info that puts them at #1, though, is that the hitters have walked 148 times and struck out 192 times; correspondingly, the Express’s OBP is the best in the league. The lineup also leads the league in home runs and walks. (Let’s also acknowledge that scoring 22 runs last night might also skew Strasburg’s stats just a mite bit…) The Express are led by Ryan Galanie, Brayton Brown, Tripp McKinlay, and Chad Fairey.
  2. Woodstock River Bandits- The Bandits are at .267/.383/.446, scoring 7.45 runs per game. BB/K ratio is 106/213, and the team leads the league with that .446 slugging percentage. Interestingly, the team has stolen 29 bases, and has only been caught once! The team is also second in total home runs, while playing home games in a park that typically suppresses them (in other words, you can definitely make a case for this team to be #1.). Jaylon Lee, Aidan Nagle, and Marco Martinez are top performers.
  3. New Market- This lineup is hitting .285/.381/.409, and is putting up 6.33 runs per game. It also has an excellent BB/K ratio, at 110/186. They lead the league in batting average, doubles (with 44), and is tied for the lead in stolen bases with 60. Jackson Lancaster, James Bell, Jordan Crawford and Tyler Robertson make this a tough lineup.
  4. Winchester Royals- The lineup is hitting .265/.382/.359, is scoring 6.15 runs per game, and has a 108/181 BB/K ratio. What’s interesting here is that the team’s slugging is actually below its OBP. Bridgeforth plays up the power, so I wonder if this will change with some time. Austin Bulman, Will Long, and Nate Furman lead this bunch.
  5. Covington Lumberjacks- Hitting .271/.372/.389, scoring 5.74 runs per game, and a 94/176 BB/K ratio. Batting average is second in the league. Trendon Craig, Nathan Becker, and Victor Castillo are tops here.
  6. Front Royal Cardinals- .257/.373/.380, 5.61 runs per game, 117/249 BB/K. Those strikeouts lead the league. Wade Cuda, Samuel Tackett, and Trent Jeffcoat are top performers.
  7. Waynesboro Generals- .255/.366/.378, 5.68 runs per game, 106/153 BB/K. Zac Cole’s teams generally improve at the plate as the summer rolls on, so watch for some improvement here. Alejandro Figueredo and Max Weller lead this squad.
  8. Charlottesville- .230/.358/.337, 5.50 runs per game, 98/141. This lineup has the fewest strikeouts, but also the third-fewest walks. The team is tied for the league lead in stolen bases, with 60 (10 caught stealing). Wyatt Langford is the top performer.
  9. Staunton- .236/.345/.357, 5.39 runs per game, 101/217 BB/K. Joseph Holiga has been red-hot, and Ian Diaz has been quite good as well.
  10. Purcellville Cannons- .204/.334/.296, 4.41 runs per game, 114/235 BB/K. Jared Glinski leads this lineup.
  11. Harrisonburg Turks- .220/.306/.315, 4.16 runs per game, 59/181 BB/K. Fewest walks (by 35), struggling to get on base- but the team is 10-9! (Wonder where the pitching staff would rank?) Carlos Marte and Michael Rosario lead this lineup.

So this is just a snapshot of the moment. Many changes to come, as teams continue to add and lose players!