It’s Friday, and you know what that means- the weekend is almost here! Well, that, and it’s time for Valley League Power Rankings!

There have been many changes from last week to now- only one team has remained the same- so check it out!

Stats: Team record, runs scored-runs allowed, batting average/on-base percentage/slugging percentage, team ERA, walks/strikeouts and innings pitched, last week’s ranking, and then something about the team’s pitching (we did offense last week).

Please remember that this is just one guy’s opinion. Feel free to disagree.

Cream of the Crop

  1. Woodstock: 8-4 (Record), 68-38 (RS-RA), .245/.333/.317 (Batting average/on-base percentage/slugging percentage), 3.06 (ERA), 42/96 (BB/K), 103 innings, #4 last week. The Bandits ascend to the top with a 6-1 week. A full nine pitchers have ERAs under 2.00, and the staff has gotten two fantastic starts from Christian Gordon (State College of Florida), and two shutdown performances each form Stephen Pena (Eastfield, and pictured) and Kelan Hoover (Garrett).
  2. Harrisonburg: 6-4, 51-41, .236/.362/.332, 2.70, 44/61 in 87 innings, last week #5. The Turks have the league’s best ERA, led by Evan Smith (JMU) and Mitchell Farris (Wingate), who have thrown 23 combined innings without allowing an earned run.
  3. New Market: 6-5, 72-55, .267/.386/.370, 4.71, 57/104 in 88 innings, #2 last week. New Market has the league’s best offense- the team is leading in all three rate stats plus runs scored. TR Williams (JMU) lost one of his starts to the forfeit, but he’s been very good this summer so far.
  4. Strasburg: 8-4, 60-54, .242/.345/.324, 3.93, 52/118 in 103 innings, #3 last week. Isaac Fix (Davidson) and Robert Kelley (Tennessee Wesleyan) have been excellent for the Express.

The Middle

5. Waynesboro: 6-5, 61-54, .240/.380/.342, 4.03, 45/98 in 92 innings, #8 last week. JD Price (Western Carolina) has been great out of the pen, and Kelsey Ward (Embry-Riddle) has anchored the rotation.

6. Charlottesville: 5-5, 54-54, .194/.333/.292, 4.67, 55/81 in 87 innings, #10 last week. The team is going to have to hit a little bit, but Tom Vincent (Rice) and Jackson Nove (Kentucky) lead the staff.

7. Winchester: 6-6, 53-58, .228/.354/.338, 4.30, 54/112 in 87 innings, #7 last week. Jake Cohen (Pensacola State) and Danny Thompson (North Carolina Wesleyan) have both put up two very good starts so far.

8. Purcellville: 4-7, 60-73, .231/.343/.347, 4.66, 59/127 in 97 innings, #11 last week. Joe Vogatsky (JMU) and Rocco Reid (Clemson) make a powerful 1-2 punch in this rotation.

Work to Do

9. Covington: 3-6, 37-48, .226/.314/.331, 4.03, 41/82 in 80 innings, #1 last week. Been a tough week for the Jacks, but the bullpen is still strong, led by Garrett Bonnett (Louisiana St Shreveport), Carson Lowder (Western Carolina), and Richard Long (Jacksonville).

10. Front Royal: 4-6, 47-70, .229/.358/.313, 5.23, 49/87 in 86 innings, #9 last week. Tyler Greenleaf (Canisius) and Grant Adams (Georgia Southwestern State) anchor the bullpen.

11. Staunton: 4-8, 66-84, .246/.364/.357, 6.25, 82/100 in 98 innings, #6 last week. Yeah, 82 walks in 98 innings won’t get it done. Miles Hellums (San Jacinto) and Marty Neal (Limestone) have been good out of the pen.

That’s it for this week- check back, though, for the daily results post, players of the week on Monday, and the next power rankings on Fridays!