Like we did last week for the top performers in DI baseball, let’s do it again! Last time there were six honorees; this week there are 14 different players covering 15 different games. (Remember, this isn’t every good game- it’s “just” the guys on‘s “top performers” articles. If you know of other good games, drop me a line!)


  • Jack Hurley, Virginia Tech (Charlottesville 2021): 3-3, two runs, three RBIs, walk, double, two home runs. Hurley is also listed down under Sunday, and was named one of Collegiate Baseball’s Players of the Week.
  • Sonny DiChiara, Auburn (Strasburg 2019): 3-5, three runs, two RBIs, double, home run. Also one of CB’s Players of the Week. (He was also a top hitter in the 2019 season)
  • Cameran Brantley, North Carolina A&T (Winchester 2021): 4-5, two runs, two RBIs, walk, home run


  • Thomas Bramley, Mount St. Mary’s (Winchester 2019): 3-4, two runs, four RBIs, two home runs, and named the NEC Player of the Week
  • Cooper Ingle, Clemson (Charlottesville 2021): 3-5, four runs, six RBIs, two walks, two doubles
  • Chad Fairey, Clemson (Strasburg 2021): 3-5, two runs, five RBIs, home run… and top hitter in the summer
  • Donovan Burke, JMU (Strasburg 2021): Seven shutout innings, one hit, one walk, 13 K’s, win (Game score: 87). Also one of CB’s Players of the Week, and a top starter in the summer for the Express.
  • Jacob Edwards, UNC Asheville (Harrisonburg 2019): Eight shutout innings, five hits, one walk, eight K’s, win (GS: 79)
  • Tyler Shuck, FGCU (Waynesboro 2019): Six shutout innings, two hits, one walk, seven K’s, win (GS: 74)


  • Trevon Dabney, JMU (Front Royal 2019): 2-3, three runs, six RBIs, two walks, two home runs, stolen base. One of CB’s players of the week- and I witnessed this outburst.
  • Jack Krause, Bowling Green (Front Royal 2021): 2-5, two home runs
  • Jack Hurley: 3-3, two runs, RBI, walk, two doubles, home run, stolen base
  • Austin Bulman, Rice (Winchester 2021): 2-5, two runs, five RBIs, double, home run: Bulman was the VBL MVP last summer, and obviously one of the top hitters.
  • Connor Roberts, Saint Mary’s (Harrisonburg 2018): Six shutout innings, one hit, no walks, nine K’s, win (GS: 79)
  • Logan Clayton, Houston (Waynesboro 2021): Seven innings, two hits, one run, two walks, five K’s (GS: 72)