Here on the 30th of December, let’s take a look at the most viewed articles of the past year. It’s an interesting mix for sure. I’ve been doing this for a long time- since 2006- and I still don’t know what will go nuts and what won’t.

10. 2019’s #3 Hitter: Andrew Czech, Staunton. The RBI machine from Walsh is planning to return in 2020. The article was viewed 483 times.

9. The Hitter and Pitcher of the Day from July 27: Waynesboro’s Joe Kinker was the hitter of the day, and the pitcher of the day was Covington’s local kid Trey Honts. It had 487 views.

8. Berryhill, Eyster lead South Carolina: Published March 1, 2019- it was a look at the roommates, Luke Berryhill (Purcellville 2018) and Andrew Eyster (New Market 2018), and how they were off to fast starts for South Carolina. Berryhill ended up getting drafted that June; Eyster is in his junior year in 2019-2020. Viewed 500 times.

7. Playoff Update, published July 25: A look at playoff scenarios with just a couple days left in the 2019 regular season. Viewed 503 times.

6. The 2019 All-VBL Teams: Headlined by a pair of Woodstock River Bandits, Aidan Nagle and Tristen Bayless. Viewed 503 times.

5. 2019’s #4 Starting Pitcher: Logan Walters, Winchester: Walters transferred from Motlow State to Memphis for 2019-2020. Viewed 521 times.

4. Valley League All-Decade First Team: The top 19 Valley League players from 2010 to 2019. I’ve had more folks talk to me about this article than any other this year. Viewed 570 times.

3. Playoffs Unmuddled, published July 26: The playoffs were determined on this day. Viewed 664 times.

2. Sterry Retires: A legend from Waynesboro, the 2016 MVP Zach Sterry, hung up his spikes after two seasons in the minor leagues. Viewed 1,076 times.

And the most viewed article of the calendar year:

  1. The 2019 Valley League All-Star Selections;  Both the North and the South All-Star teams. Viewed 1,989 times.