Welcome to the end of 2021- something most of us might be excited about. Let’s move on from the dumpster fire, right?

But before we move on to 2022, let’s take a quick look at the ten most viewed posts from the past year. It’s an interesting mix, that’s for sure!

  1. The 2021 All-Star lists came in first by a huge margin. The home run derby list on the same post turned out, like most years, to be woefully inaccurate (tons of players choose to drop out). Viewed 3,355 times!
  2. The 2021 All-League awards– first and second teams, plus the major awards (MVP, Most Outstanding Pitcher, Coach of the Year). 910 views.
  3. The results, hitters and pitchers of the day from July 3. There were ten games played that day, so tons and tons of players were listed.
  4. The results, hitters and pitchers of the day from June 15. Only four games that day- not sure why it went so crazy.
  5. The very simple post of Covington’s season ending early because of Covid issues on the team.
  6. Playoffs outlook with about three days left in the regular season. This is the only post about the playoffs to make the top ten.
  7. Valley League Superlatives. I was very happy this one was well viewed. I listed a whole bunch of stuff, from best names to dirtiest player. From who travelled the farthest to best dance moves. It was ridiculous and fun.
  8. The VBL Record Book, category of slugging percentage. Three 2021 players joined this list- Jackson Lancaster, Austin Bulman, and Chad Fairey… and one, or all, of their friends and families found this post.
  9. The All-Star game wrapup, written by Eric Fenstermaker. Eric did a great job summing up the very long day.
  10. The very first results post from the 2021 season, posted on June 6. 584 views.

Overall, 2021 had almost 91,000 views from just about 43,000 visitors. Not too shabby after a year off!